September 19, 2016

burda 7659 Bi-Colour and Lavender Dress

Good-bye summer! I made a linen bi-colour dress

chiffon lavender dress.

The pattern I used was burda7659, which I made a few days ago. I cut view C. I bought this pattern last year and wanted to make a dress! Summer is almost over, I should have made them sooner.
I used yellow and sand beige linen. I omitted to make the front and back yoke. I wanted to show off the contrast, so this idea made my dress stand out. Beige clothes don't suit me, but lemon yellow looks good on me (I think). I thought this colour combination was bizarre before making it, but it turned out fantastic.
 I omitted the back zipper, because I didn't want to see it through the thin fabric. I wanted to wear it as a pull over dress, so I chose one size bigger than my normal size, enlarged the arm holes by an inch and added a bias binding trim. I can take it on and off well enough to do without a zipper.

This dress might be the last that I use linen on this year. I love the comfortable dress and will make one with linen from the same pattern next year.

This dress is pullover too. I made the lavender dress with polyester chiffon. This pattern has a puff sleeve pattern. I think this design with a round yoke and puff sleeves is too feminine for me. Therefore, I made the bell sleeve pattern.
Please refer to how to make a bell sleeve pattern if you need.

Copy trace over and cut.

 Lengthen sleeves as needed. Measure width with a ruler.
Divide into four parts.


Cut and open by 5 centimetres.

 Set the part on the other sheet with tape. Cut out. -Finish!
This dress design can be worn until fall. I would make one more for fall version with soft wool.
I love this simple pattern. It's a really useful addition to my work wardrobe. If you look for a quick and easy sewing pattern, I would recommend it.
It's about time to sew fall clothes. I can't wait to make them ^_^
Thank you for reading, see you!

Fabric: Bi-Colour Dress, linen 45" 1 3/4 yd (beige), 45" 1 yd (yellow)
Lavender Dress, polyester chiffon 60" 2 1/8 yd
Total time spent: 6hours

September 3, 2016

Vogue 1248 Big Pockets and Big Puffed Sleeves

I made this skirt
this shirt!

I wanted Vogue1248 from the first time I saw it. This skirt looks like COMME des GARÇONS! I purchased this pattern last year and have been wanting to make a skirt and a shirt. I definitely can't draw like the complicated pattern.

 I didn't change anything about the skirt design. This skirt is high-waisted, and it has giant gathered pockets (HUGE!) and sleeve bows.
It took a lot of time to make the skirt (over 10hours!), because the skirt pattern has a lot of pieces! The most annoying parts were matching the pattern and making the gathers! They were so tricky! I had to cut the waist bands twice from the pattern, because the plaid pattern didn't match. I used a soft and light poly cotton. If you try to make the skirt, I recommend that you use light fabrics.

I added a lining, so I'll wear it until the fall. I was wearing the skirt with an asymmetrical white top (it's self-drafted) in these photos, but I think this skirt goes well with a short length sweater and boots.

I love this shirt too; it's lovely and unique design.

This shirt has a triple collar! I combined blue linen and white cotton. This shirt pattern doesn't have a sleeve pattern. I have broad shoulders and don't think this shirt design suits me. I drew the sleeve pattern, so I added these big puffed sleeves to the bodice. I usually steer clear of button-up shirts in summer, because they are uncomfortable around my neck. However, this shirt is really comfortable to wear! It's light and airy.

I usually wear the shirt with a black pencil skirt in my office, but it wasn't on when I took these photos. I will make one more again next year! I would like to make fall clothes too, but it'll be hot until the end of this month.

Fabric: Skirt 60" 3 1/8yd, 
Shirt 45" 1 5/8yd (blue), 45" 1/2yd (white) 
Total time spent: Skirt 11-12 hours, Shirt 8 hours

August 18, 2016

Vogue 1308 and Vogue 1245 Draped Sleeves Jumpsuit

Hello! It's quite hot every day. I wouldn't wear a heavy outfit in summer. What is the temperature now? Wow! It's as high as my body temperature! Unbelievable! This jumpsuit is ultra comfortable to wear the hot summer.

I'm really bad at getting up early in summer (Winter too!). Jumpsuits help me to decide which clothes I choose in busy morning. I really wanted to make a jumpsuit with an off shoulder, but I couldn't find an appropriate pattern. I decided to combine two Vogue patterns; Vogue 1308 and Vogue 1245. I have made some jumpsuits with Vogue 1308, but it was the first time that I used Vogue 1245. They are great pattern, I think.

I made this blouse as a trial. I used a cheap polyester (Per one meter  JPY100yen=USD1). This fabric is too hard to use with this design. To be honest, I don't like it and never wear it in public. I didn't mind, because I don't wear a blouse with polyester 100% in summer. However, I love the design; the draped sleeves are especially cute.

I made the jumpsuit with linen chambray. I think it's hard to see from the photos, this fabric shines a little. This linen jumpsuit was set off against the strong sunshine. This linen is very light and soft. These big draped sleeves are easier for air to circulate.
I cut a size S (Top) and 8-10 (Pants). I sewed the pants parts to an inch under the waistline of the blouse together. I tied a bow belt around the waist, and also used an elastic band around the waistline. So it will prevent the pants to slip down if the knot is loose.
I think the model in the envelope (Vogue1380) is wearing a size 6-8. I cut a size 8-10, but my pants are bigger and wider than the model is wearing. I had to take about an inch out of each leg.

I used two patterns reluctantly, but I am happy with the jumpsuit. I love the both patterns. This jumpsuit keeps me cool in dry heat and humidity. 

I hope you have a great summer! Thank you for reading!

Total time spent: 5 hours (Blouse), 8 hours (Jumpsuit)
Fabric: 45" 3yd (Blouse), 60" 3yd (Jumpsuit)

August 3, 2016

McCall's 7392 Button Front Denim Skirt

I wanted a simple white maxi skirt to wear for summer, so I picked up McCall's pattern 7392. I made the white maxi skirt and the red knee length skirt with this pattern.

I've had my eye on McCall's 7392 since it went on sale. This pattern has been waiting for me to make it. I really love the front button skirt. I would like to make one with mustard suede for fall.

I made this skirt with a white stretch denim. I cut a size 8 (I used view D), based on the finished measurement. It's a perfect fit for me. I was worried about my underwear showing through the skirt, so I added a thin cotton lining. I cut the hem off the bottom of skirt because it frayed and distressed the hem.
I wanted to make a suspender with the leftover fabric, but there wasn't enough. Therefore, I made the removable neck tie with a sliding buckle. It's total length is about 1 1/8yd. 

This tie reminded me of a kitchen apron slightly. Haha.
I shortened the distance between the buttons, because the front opening of the skirt opened a little when I sit on a chair.
I don't want to show my tummy^ _^ ;

Here is the knee length version (I used view C). 

I made it with a non-stretch red denim. 
I sewed on some square buttons, they match the red denim. I didn't make a top buttonhole, so I sewed the hook instead. 

I thought the off shoulder tops might go well with the skirts. I made these tops from Japanese sewing books. I am happy with the both styles.

I love the pattern. However it has many parts, so it's difficult to adjust size after finished. If you make one, I recommend you that check the measurement before you sew the waist band to the skirt parts. 
It took a long time but it's worth a try! I will definitely make another one.

Fabric: White denim  2 1/8 yd. Red denim 1 1/2 yd. 
Total time spent: 8 hours